Friday, November 11, 2022

Squirrel and Cherries poem

 Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Buffy Silverman for Roundup. 

For today's ArtSpeak: Animals, I've abandoned Picasso but still going miniature with the poems. (Haiku? Small poem? I'm not sure!)

What I do know: I've got a squirrel for you. We have so many (destructive!) squirrel friends here at the lake that we regularly run a Squirrel Relocation Service—We use traps baited with bird seed and then transport our twitchy little friends to release them a few miles down the road.

However, I did not know (until viewing this piece of art and the research it prompted) that squirrels love cherries! Qi Baishi knew. Did you? Thanks so much for reading.

so much we'll never

know—was it squall or squirrel

that plucked these cherries?

- Irene Latham

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