Tuesday, October 30, 2018

2 for Tuesday octopus poems by Diane Mayr and Sarah Burns for #OctopusMonth

It's hard for me to believe that #OctopusMonth is nearly over... today's 2-for-Tuesday features poems with artsy connections. First, here's a cherita from Diane Mayr:

for a moment he wonders

could he be at home
in the sunlight?

octopus hurry scurries
back to the twilight zone
a better fit in so many ways

- Diane Mayr
Oh that twilight zone... it is a great place for a secretive, solitary octopus!

And now, here's one inspired by a piece of art you may recognize from #OctopusMonth twitter feed earlier in the month: Sarah Burns' treasure picked up in Hawaii now has a poem (by Sarah!) to go with it! 


This particular Pacific Octopus
glides up from the depths of the sea
into my dining room.

Caught off the coast of Maui,
she is revered for astonishing
acrobatic feats,
and delectable flavor.

All her elegant limbs – count them!
drenched in colored paint
pressed onto this black cloth
to live on forever
as a work of art.

~ Sarah Burns
Octopuses ARE works of art, aren't they? Thank you! See you tomorrow for our final day of #OctopusMonth.


  1. I may never look at an octopus without remembering all this beauty, Diane and Sarah. From the 'twilight zone' to "drenched in colored paint", the images show this creature's versatility. Thanks for both!

  2. Thank you for featuring our poems today. I had to look up Gyotaku. Cool word!


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