Friday, June 14, 2019

5 For Poetry Friday

Hello and Happy Poetry Friday! Be sure to visit Laura Shovan for Roundup.

1. I'm working on a picture book manuscript that *might* be inspired by my nephew Matt's cockatiel named Frosty. Newsflash: Frosty has a foot fetish!

2. Earlier this month I blogged over at Smack Dab in the Middle about What I Learned from My First Completed Middle Grade Manuscript.

3. I can't stop thinking about this blog post: Reinventing Myself as a Writer and the Power of Narrative by Amy Rasmussen (contains a writing prompt I am excited to try!)

4. Here's the Rosie Report: baby girl put on her life jacket for the first time the other day! We didn't put her in the water quite yet... just let her hang out on the dock while we swam. Next time she's going in!

5. Earlier this week I had a lovely visit at Autauga-Prattville Public Library in Prattville, Alabama. One young reader/writer had a book recommendation for me. I love when that happens!

CHARMED by Jen Calonita
... and... bonus! Here's the June 14 poem in SING A SONG OF SEASONS: A Nature Poem for Each Day of the Year illustrated by Frann Preston-Gannon, selected by Fiona Waters.

Mr. Snail

Quaint and quirky, never quick,
Mother Nature's glue-stick,
Hard shell, tacky tail,
Glue the garden,  Mr. Snail.

- Celia Warren


  1. A cockatiel with a foot fetish? You got my attention and kept it all the way through to the tacky tail :-)
    Rosie is a beauty! xo

  2. Love these! Rosie is adorable and I'm fascinated by the cockatiel. :) The snail poem is perfection.

  3. "mother nature's glue-stick!" omg, so perfect! I have one on EARTH did you keep baby girl OUT of the water? I get all gooey inside when I see an Aussie pup. They are the best. Sending a snuggle her way. Frosty, the cockatiel has a foot fetish. Well, now. That IS a work in progress isn't it?! I love the joy of your fab five points. So much fun...and full of energy. High-five back to ya.

  4. I love your "five", Irene. My former neighbor had two parrots & one of them would never, never sit on the left shoulder of anyone, only the right. I guess even birds have their preferences. I'll try to read your 2 links when I get to the beach. They sound like ones that will be good for me to read there when I'm ready to write! I'll look forward to Rosie's swim! She really is cute. And finally, that snail poem! It is fun to think of the garden being glued. I'm reading from that book, too, a wonderful daily joy. Thanks for all!

  5. Thanks for the snail poem. When I was in Israel earlier this year, I kept noticing snails in unexpected places -- the desert, a tree, graffiti on a wall.

  6. So much wonderfulness and poetic jumping-off points, Irene - thanks! My favorite gem is Rosie looking all model-like showing off her new duds on the dock - what a cutie! XO (PS - I am obviously behind on your life and need to catch up.)

  7. What an exciting blog post Irene! Love that you may be writing a pb about your nephew's cockatiel–thanks for linking to your earlier blog post featuring this beautiful and intriguing bird along with "Mozart's Starling–I'm a big bird fan." Thanks for sharing "SING A SONG OF SEASONS: A Nature Poem for Each Day of the Year," I'll have to check it out. And… Good luck with Rosie's swimming, sounds like a story might be hidden in there… xo

  8. I currently have Sing a Song of Seasons on my coffee table where I can read a poem each day. It's been a delight this year. I'm intrigued by that cockatiel and hope Rosie enjoys her first swim!

  9. What a fun round-up of stuff, Irene! I am reading SING A SONG OF SEASONS right now! From the library. I adore the art, and it has some poetry gems, too. I'm finding I really love a fairly small percentage, though, so I'm trying to decide whether to buy it and give it a permanent home on my limited shelves. Rosie looks so cute!

  10. Thank you for these five treats!


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