Saturday, December 3, 2005


Before I pack up the van with kids and husband and other theme park paraphenalia, I wanted to share some of the wisdom of George Orwell. Orwell said that there are four great motives for writing: 1. Sheer egoism, 2. Aesthetic enthusiasm, 3. Historical impulse, and 4. Political purpose. My friend and fellow poet J. B. Rowell said on her blog Mom and Apple Pie that her purpose is "to praise." I'm not exactly sure why I write, but I know it's something I can't not do. Today, think about why you write, and write down your answer. See you back here Friday, Dec. 9!


  1. Have a safe and fun trip. My ideal purpose is to praise, but I have to confess sometimes it is to whine!
    Oh well

  2. Hi Irene,

    I read a poem by you which was posted on Julia Rowell's blog.
    The poem was titled 'Father.' I left a comment on it although it is back aways now.
    I would like to publish it in VLQ

    if it is available and you are agreeable?
    If so, please email it to me with your name in the subject line at


  3. Happened upon your blog and have found it to be inspiring. You have a delightful talent for making your reader feel like an intimate friend. I feel encouraged to search myself and write.

  4. I come home from Disney World and this is what I find!? How wonderful, the real not-made-of-plastic, beating-heart world.
    j.b. - You whine beautifully. :)
    Rae - I am thrilled, and you are welcome to use the poem. Anonymous - go write your story; you are the only who can.
    My thanks....

  5. Congrats Irene - I'm glad our poetry will be in the next issue of VLQ together! Also, glad you survived Disney.


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