Monday, January 9, 2006


As writers we all need feedback. And not just from our spouses, children, or best friends, who of course love our work simply because they love us. We need feedback from other writers. Yet it isn't as simple as that, either. There is a certain balance that must be struck between all members -- each must be committed to honesty, openness (by this I mean the ability to take criticism), and respect for all types of writing styles. It's not always easy -- we writers can be picky and defensive and terribly self -centered! But in my experience there is no better way to improve your writing skills than to put your work forward and really listen to the way other writers respond to it. Today, if you don't already have a writing critique group, try to find one. And if you are in one, remind yourself that the point is not to show up your writer friends; the point is to become a better writer.

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