Thursday, January 19, 2006


I read somewhere that the holy trinity for writers is Write, Network, and Promote. Most of us do okay with the Write part but have more difficulty with the Network and Promote. Writing we do because we love it, or because we can't not. Those other two? They require getting out of the bathrobe and putting on a happy face and are therefore slightly less appealing. Today, do what it takes. Put some energy into Network and Promote so that your words will have the audience they deserve.


  1. I read this the other night and really liked a lot of what was in this interview. This singer/artist is one of my favorites.

  2. Thanks so much for passing that along. Love his story. Couldn't get my computer to cooperate to hear clips, but I will. I get such a kick out of knowing what moves you. You know, come to think of it, writing song lyrics seems a good fit for you. Ever considered it?

  3. Every now and then I hear lyrics to a song that remind me of something I've written. I've thought about it...the rhyming thing in most songs throws me. I'm a weak rhymer. :-)


    He has various options (Realplayer etc.) for listening to some of his tunes.
    Not only is he a good singer, I think he's sexy too. :-)

  4. Will do...
    Two I've listened to and enjoyed lately are Damien Rice and Teitur. Sexy? You tell me. :)

  5. Definitely. They're cute.

    Damien has a good sound.

    Teitur's accoustical is the best. I don't care for the band pieces.

    I was just thinking....

  6. you're the ocean.
    love is somewhere in between
    what you believe and what you dream...

  7. Aren't those great lyrics?

    I enjoy your day tips. I read them when I can but this little thing called "a job" keeps me busy driving the state "saving lives" leaving little time to write.

    No doubt about it...boredom is one small aspect of my muse that I need in order to write. What's a girl to do....

  8. Granted, your work is very important... and certainly makes a grand excuse. :) But your stories so deserve an audience... girl, you gotta write 'em down!
    Thanks for visiting. And I'll get back to you on the Paul Thorn.

  9. About Paul Thorn: No surprise, but I love that bluesy five o clock shadow voice! I'm wearing the Are You With Me? cd out. Thanks for the recommendation!


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