Sunday, January 27, 2008


So today we are going to the circus with a van-load of boys (our three and two extra). I haven't been to the circus in a few years, so I am really looking forward to it. Especially now that I am not nearly so sniffly and sneezy! And it's got me thinking: what we can learn about ourselves at the circus? The boys and I have formulated this decidedly unscientific just-for-fun one-question quiz that is sure to enlighten.

What is your favorite thing to see at the circus? (choose one)
a. clowns
b. lions/tigers
c. elephants
d. motorcycles
e. none of the above

Got your answer in mind? Are you sure?

If you chose clowns, you are one of those delightful people who possesses a joi de vivre we all envy and admire and want to spend time with. But sometimes you drive us nuts when you say/do things without thinking first.

If you chose lions/tigers, you've got a wild, untameable side that inspires us. But it also scares us a little too. We see how much you enjoy the ring and want to please the ringmaster, but we know your secret heart also longs to be free.

If you chose elephants, you are loyal and true. You're the one we can always count on. But sometimes we wish you would break out of your comfortable routine and challenge yourself more.

If you chose motorcycles, you aren't afraid to take risks, but only if they are calculated ones. You spend lots of time watching and waiting. We've learned to pay attention to your big thoughts but wish sometimes you would allow yourself to be more spontaneous.

If you chose none of the above, you tell me! To see my answer, click here.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?"

-Mary Oliver


  1. Very interesting, Irene! I chose the elephant and what you said is quite true. Have fun with the boys, and come back to tell us how it was!


  2. Well, like I said, quite unscientific. :) I wish you could have seen the elephants we saw... the babies are so cute, but there were these two grande dames... I don't know how old they are, but each had a lot of white on the face, and one's ears were half-white. You could tell they had this "been there, done that, let's get it over with" attitude... funny. And now that they've done away with the whole 3 ring concept, the circus experience seems a little less overwhelming?? Actually, it was almost a little disappointing. Still costs just as much, but not as much of a show. Not sure it earned "the greatest show on earth" title this go around... but it was still fun.


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