Thursday, February 28, 2008


Where, do you think, this suitcase, has been? What would it look like smell like feel like if you opened it up? What do you think is inside?

There's a story there, I just know it. Thanks, MJ, for the provocative pic.

“Where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier.”

- James F. Kettering


  1. Old suitcases have so much character, don't you think? I'll bet there are hundreds of stories in there. Fun ...


  2. I love it....let's could have taken a number of trips...but I am sure it passed through Ellis Island at least once...maybe it traveled with a young woman coming to America from England to meet her sweetheart...or maybe a young gentleman from Italy coming to America to make his fortune in the Gold are right, this pictures evokes many stories!!!

  3. Anna? My old Daytips pal?? If so, hope you are still writing! Great to see you. :)
    And Alison, I love how your mind works. My first thought was of the Titanic -- although I guess if that were true the suitcase would have a few more water marks. Wouldn't it be cool if it had love letters inside?

  4. Yes! Your old Daytips pal. Can't believe you remember me. :o) Your post is ironic since I've been living out of a suitcase for a while. The story line I explored: what would you take with you if some emergency required you to leave your home suddenly? You could only take what would fit in that one suitcase.

    Congratulations on your novel!


  5. Irene,

    Love letters would be hitting the lottery...what a story that would minds is going a million miles an hour now!!!!

    But wait...I was so happy tonight when I realized that one of my favorite blogging friends won my contest....YOU!!! YEA!!! come on over and see!!


  6. I love that suitcase picture!

    Congratulations on winning the Girl Scout Cookies!


  7. Yippee! SO excited. Cookies and Anna! Girl, we gotta catch up.


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