Saturday, April 12, 2008


During the time my mother-in-law was sick, people kept asking us if she had a "life list." (I guess this is the same thing as a "bucket list," but I prefer the other terminology.) She didn't. I think this is because she had already done the things she wanted to do in her life. Also, she was sick, so travel or other adventures were not exactly do-able in her condition.

Anyhow, I've been thinking about my own life list. And I've got something to add: I want to learn a foreign language. Trouble is, I haven't decided yet which one! Not French - got my fill of that in high school. Spanish? It would certainly be practical. Mandarin Chinese? That might work. Or maybe Italian, although it never crossed my mind until I read Elizabeth Gilbert's EAT PRAY LOVE.

I guess I've got some deciding to do. And probably I should wait until I get past this novel revision deadline??

"If we really want to live, we better start at once to try."

- W.H. Auden

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  1. that is wonderful idea Irene..I, unfortunately do not have the ear for it is just plain old English for me!!


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