Friday, April 4, 2008


So I've read and re-read my editor's comments, and I'm just about ready to dive into the latest revision of THE WITCHES OF GEE'S BEND. Currently the book is written in first person past POV, but now I'm considering a switch to first person present.

I love the immediacy of first person present, how it really makes you feel like you are right there with the character inside the story. But do I really want to do all the work it would take to make that switch? Do I even have time with my fast-approaching deadline? And would it make enough of a different to be worth it?

I'm not sure yet. So I'm thinking I'll tackle the other must-do issues first then decide. I'll keep you posted.

“We must plan for the future because people who stay in the present will remain in the past.”

- Abraham Lincoln


  1. That sounds like quite a job, Irene! I, too, love the first person present, but will it put too much pressure on you to go back and change everything? I agree that tackling the other must-do issues first is the best idea. After that, if you still feel that you want to change the voice, then go for it. Give yourself some time to sit with it like it is. You may decide that your first choice was the right one for this story, after all.

    Good luck!


  2. Now I am thinking I will stick with what I've got... plenty of other fixes I need to make, and somehow I need it to be in past tense because it's everything that happened that shaped her perspective as narrator... so easy to doubt EVERYTHING. Thank you for your support! You have a very calming effect on me. :)


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