Wednesday, August 13, 2008


To all my fellow lefties out there, Happy International Left Handers' Day!

Despite what you righties might be thinking, it really is a very cool thing to be left handed. I've always felt kinda extraordinary to sit at the special desk and write with the "wrong" hand.

Sure spiral notebooks are agony, and the ink always smears as my hand follows behind the pen, but that's okay. I get the benefit of using my right brain more often. And I am in such good company!

Oddly, despite what I learned about genetics, none of my children are left-handed. And even though none of my siblings are left-handed, and neither are our parents, each of them has a left-handed child! So, here's to US, lefties of the world!

"Love all, trust few, and do wrong to no one."

- William Shakespeare


  1. As a fellow lefthander myself, you have a great International Lefthander's Day, too!

  2. No I sure haven't written any about that ... good idea though.



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