Thursday, August 7, 2008


To Carrie whose baby boy will be born today: give it about fourteen years and this is what you have to look forward to. CONGRATULATIONS!!

"What is genius?- It is the power to be a boy again at will.”

- James M. Barrie


  1. cute post!!! and very true!

    I am truly sorry to hear about your father, your family has had a rough year, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Cassie has been writing alot of poetry and it is incredibly good. I had no idea until one day a couple of months ago she read me a few of her poems. I was very surprised and very impressed. I will post more on my blog. I am very proud of her.

  2. Me too! I found out last night that you were coming in when I was over at MJ&Jen's house. So I told them to call me if you wanted to hang out for a few or whatever. I thought you might want to just hang with family b/c of your dad and all. Bonding time for bro& sis or whatever. = ) But would love to see ya!

  3. He is just adorable, Irene!



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