Sunday, October 12, 2008


What I Thought As I Watched Hurricane Ivan
Take Down the Silver Maple in Our Back Yard

about the black walnut tree my brother
rode through a thunderstorm,
Mama hollering if that lightning don’t
kill you your daddy will

the row of redbuds along the path we once walked,
always the first to purple each spring
eager arms linked in revolution

the sprawling live oak we named
Nephertiri after the Egyptian queen
its branches a womb my sister
and I would escape into,
innocence still supple and green

the tall poplar yellow and exploding
wind stealing its leaves
blustery kisses a shot of whiskey down my spine

the orange grove thick
with sweet rot and creatures feasting
fruit white in the bright light
Grandma calling me home

ancient Moroccan tree alone on a hillside
three or was it five? white goats perched in its branches
eyes stark as the darkening sky

- Irene Latham

Weather provides such great inspiration... great metaphors too! This poem can be found in my book WHAT CAME BEFORE.

Currently it's still hurricane season, but truly our biggest problem in these parts has been drought. I've got plans to put in some new plants, but I keep putting it off because of the lack of rain. (When would I water?! Just the thought stresses me out.)

Speaking of metaphors....

"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well."

~Antoine de Saint-Exupery


  1. Beautiful metaphors! I knew I had read this before and it was in your book. Hope all is well with u guys! Good here!

  2. I really enjoyed this poem, especially the first stanza...

    Have you ever read the book of poems called "The Weather" by Lisa Robertson? Fun stuff.


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