Friday, January 9, 2009


1. I am so inspired by this jar of buttons. The glass was a gift from my mother (it originally held daylilies from her garden), and the buttons I've collected over many years. How cheerful they look in their new home!

2. Here is a stack of mending that must be tended to, now that I've got my sewing machine back from the repair shop. Turns out it was just a cord that needed replacement (after being chewed by my cat). The repair guy remarked that before Christmas his shelves were empty, but in the past week, he has taken in 40 machines for repair. Then yesterday I saw an article that said sewing machine sales are through the roof. The thinking is that with the hard economic times, people are trying to be more self-sufficient and are planning to make their own curtains and clothes and stuff. Sounds rather hopeful to me... sewing is very much a trial and error thing... how many times have I had to go back to Hancock's and buy MORE fabric??

3. I just finished this book, and as you can see by the yellow post-it paper, I marked quite a few pages that contain passages I want to re-visit (and possibly work into future poems). I really liked Will and Claire, and all the delicious longing found here.

4. This is my new research method: index cards and a recipe box. I got the idea from Barrie Summy, author of the new MG I So Don't Do Mysteries. She uses it in a slightly different way while plotting a novel, but I have employed it as a way to organize research data for My New Idea. Thanks, Barrie, and your book sounds awesome!

5. How cute is this bag? I won it for showing up for Jazzercise 3 times a week during the busy holiday months (November and December). What's funny is, I was just about to quit Jazzercise... then they started the bag promo. (Turns out I'm one of those people who needs a lot of incentive to keep on the exercise track.)

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do."

- Epictetus


  1. Hee-hee! I used to do Jazzercise when I was in Chicago and I loved it. Fun. Congrats on the bag.

  2. I love how inspiration can come out of left field. Sam Shepherd's recent DWI in some town called Normal has done it for me. I'm working on a poem called "Drunk in Normal. :-)

    Your posts always make me feel ... sunny. Thanks
    Anna G.

  3. Belette, do you break into dance (at least in your head) when you hear songs you worked out to? This happens to me ALL THE TIME. The head part only, of course. :) And Anna, you are sunshine to me as well. Please send me Drunk in Normal when you've got it in a happy place. Yes, so strange, the muse!

  4. Great list. I especially love that button jar. And the mending--oh, the mending. It piles up so easily, broken sewing machine or no.

    I'm thrilled that you love Thirteen Moons. I was just taken away with that story. Thank you for naming that relationship between Will and Claire--delicious longing is it exactly.

    Great job with the jazzercise!



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