Friday, March 6, 2009


When I didn't win this book in La Belette Rouge's contest, I put it on my birthday list, and that sweet husband of mine wrapped it right up and gave it to me just before I blew out all those candles.

I've been to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and I took two years of French in high school, and I love to cook French food... but FRENCH WOMEN DON'T SLEEP ALONE by Jamie Cat Callon was still full of wonderful tidbits I knew nothing of. I love the cultural emphasis on beauty and the rejection of our American either/or "right time and place" for sensuality. Every single experience can be sensual, and the French know this. I am completely inspired to further infuse my life with sensuality, to really explore and experience every little bit of life in the most complete way possible.

So, yeah, good read. Charming, in fact. Check it out.

"I sort of have a love affair with my work. Many of us work far too hard and we don't put enough value in the epicurean, sensual part of life."

- Kim Cattrall


  1. You're absolutely right about the French--we Americans should take notes.

    I did try reading "French Women Don't Get Fat," which advocated starting with a weekend-long "cleanse" of nothing but leeks and leek soup. I have a lifelong hatred of leeks now, so I wouldn't recommend that particular book. But this book looks lovely!

  2. Ooo... this sounds Delish! I can't wait to read. Thanks!


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