Friday, April 3, 2009


Celebrate National Poetry Month!


Locate I
love you some-
where in

teeth and
eyes, bite
it but

take care not
to hurt, you
want so

much so
little. Words
say everything.

love you

then what
is emptiness
for. To

fill, fill.
I heard words
and words full
of holes
aching. Speech
is a mouth.

- Robert Creeley

The Storialist , who is an amazing blogger-poet, loves this poem by Creeley because...

"[the poet] wonders about the connection between words, speech, meaning, and emotion. I first read this poem over a decade ago, and fell hard for its halting, haunting lines. I love this poem (and Creeley's writing, in general) for its longing, simplicity, and playfulness. This is one of the two poems that I have memorized (and have recited unsolicited to friends), and I am eternally inspired by Creeley's ability to end his poems with understated gravity."

Three cheers for understated gravity! Definitely something to aspire to as poets.

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