Sunday, April 12, 2009


Celebrate National Poetry Month!

The sitter

Mrs. McTwitter the baby-sitter,
I think she's a little bit crazy.
She thinks a baby-sitter's supposed
To sit upon the baby.

-Shel Silverstein

Those of you who know me know my first poetic love was Shel Silverstein. Naturally I've done my darnedest to pass this along to my children. And lo and behold, the above poem is son Eric's most favorite poem. It's funny, and he loves the drawing. Also, he had a babysitter once upon a time whom he adored and still talks about from time to time. (As far as I know she never sat on him!)

Quick update: For years it has been our family tradition to go fishing on Easter Sunday. This year we are spending the day with my grandparents instead. (The fish will wait.) Also, I've been de-cluttering. Flylady, anyone? And at night I've been reading Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey. My older sons both loved this book, and that's really the only recommendation I need. (Nice that it was a National Book award finalist as well.)


  1. I LOVE Shel! In fact, I just bought a new hardcover copy of Where The Sidewalk Ends for J last week. His first introduction to poetry, and he's totally hooked. :-)

    And OMG... I'm a total Flybaby. I even gave FlyLady a shout-out in THE CINDERELLA SOCIETY!

  2. sometimes I forget shel did more than his books. thx for reminder.

  3. Man, what a post! Shel, the Fly Lady and Skin Hunger? Winner!

  4. Have you ever heard the CDs of Shel Silverstein reading his poetry? Absolutely the most fun thing you and your children will ever hear!

    And, I've gotta say--I'm over the FlyLady. Too much pressure. I've decided to just go with the clutter until it makes me crazy and then purge.

    Hi. My name is Sarah Frances and I'm a "home bulimic".



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