Monday, May 4, 2009


Don't you love when a long-shot wins the Kentucky Derby? I mean, I have never actually put on a hat and stood in the stands at Churchill Downs, but I can just imagine the thrill of watching the horse you only bet on because you liked his name WIN. Or even if you didn't bet on him. It's still really cool to see a horse come from behind and tear up the track like that.

One of these days I'm gonna go. And I'm taking my sister with me. Meanwhile, here's a quick list of five favorite horse books:

The Black Stallion by Walter Farley (and the movie! Beautiful beautiful gorgeous. I so wanted to BE Alec on that deserted island. And then I read and re-read every single title in the series.)

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell (A story from the horse's perspective! How cool is that?)

Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley (One I've enjoyed as an adult.)

Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry (another horse-related thing on my to-do list: check out the wild ponies at Chincoteague Island)

Cammie's Choice by Jane McIlvaine (I never could decide: a racer or a jumper?? This one's about a jumper, and I LOVE it. Still have my well worn copy from childhood -- looks just like the pic above, only mine has a cracked spine and more wear on the cover.)

Would love to hear from other horse lovers about favorite horse books!


  1. if you love horses - read chicken soup for the horse lovers' soul :)

  2. I have such a hard time reading horse books because they always have to KILL the horse. I think I read one when I was in about third grade and it sent me into such a state of inconsolable depression, I vowed never to read another horse book as long as I lived.

    Maybe it's time to try again.


  3. We have some friends who owned a horse who was almost a Triple Crown winner, several years ago! Silver Charm in 1997 who was owned by Bob and Beverly Lewis. Fabulous people and a fantastic horse! We had so much fun cheering him on.

    I have to agree with Hardygirl about how the horse always seems to get killed off! I can't deal with dead animal stories. They linger in my soul forever!

    Big hugs,


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