Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So tomorrow The Big Table Poets of Birmingham travel to Columbus, Georgia, to share great words with a wonderful poetry group headed up by Keith Badowski, who blogs at There Goes the Top of My Head about books and poetry and life in general. Check him out, because he is one of those very giving souls who does a lot to support the written work of others... and that alone makes him a hero of sorts, don't you think?

While in Columbus, we are planning to visit with dear person/writer friend Doraine Bennett, who blogs at Dori Reads , as well as check out the new National Infantry Museum and perhaps grab a bite to eat at the Fife and Drum restaurant.

My little drummer boy who will make a gun out of ANYTHING is beside himself with anticipation.

I'm still deciding what I'll read... perhaps a couple of war poems?? Will let you know!

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