Thursday, July 9, 2009


So this morning I had to break out the jumper cables to help my father get on the road -- he left his cellphone in the lighter-thingy to charge, and it completely drained the life from his truck.

The good news it gave us just a few more minutes together. The bad news is now he is miles and miles away.

Tomorrow I will be miles and miles away myself, as I am heading for a wee writing retreat with some wonderful folks in Florence, Alabama.

Hmmm, what to work on? Now that I have dashed off the historical women poetry series to various readers, I am caught in a little lull... so I'm thinking I will get started on a New Idea I partially drafted during the 26 hour drive back from South Dakota. I'll let you know!

Meanwhile, happy writing to all, and happy summer -- I am aware of how fleeting it is whenever I look at the calendar and realize the kids will be back to school in one month. That's it! One month! Then it's back to packing lunches and homework battles and enforced bedtime. Sigh.

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