Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So I joined Birmingham Quilters Guild last month, and one of the first projects for new members is to create a quilted nametag.

You should see some of the amazing nametags these quilters wear... yes, it's a wee bit intimidating. But I'm not afraid to make mistakes, and I really like getting things done, so.... I attended part of a workshop (led by the gracious and delightful Elsie) in which I proceeded to make MANY mistakes and yes, did get my own quilted nametag almost done.

Then my mom came into town. And we looked over my project and discussed all the ways I could make it better. (Have I mentioned my mom is an AMAZING seamstress?) And I decided to start over.

Here's how it went the second time around:

Thanks, Mom!


  1. So pretty!

    I saw a book in the bookstore yesterday called The Quilters of Gee's Bend (or something like that--it was in the arts/crafts section), and I thought of you!

  2. You & your mom's collaboration is great! : )


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