Monday, November 16, 2009


1. I just found out Ginger Rue, author of BRAND NEW EMILY is one of the Gingers I went to high school with!!

We were in this sorority-like group together called SAs (Service Association), and and I am just tickled that we are both introverted blondes who graduated class of 1988 Hewitt Trussvile High School and went on to publish our first midgrade novels within 6 months of each other! (She always was a little ahead of me :)

2. Billy Collins is coming to Birmingham! Southern Voices Conference, Feb. 18

3. Thanks to Corey-who-is-also-a-writer at Digital Marketing, my book trailer is almost ready! Now about distribution... goodness, do I have a lot to learn. Meanwhile, meet the Class of 2k10! Book trailer here.

4. I went to a wedding Saturday that was SO beautiful and SO romantic... the bride really did look like a princess. And my niece, who is an actual princess, was there too. Reminded me of my own sweet wedding, oh about 18 years ago.

5. Would the GOOD movies get here already?! Wanted to see COCO BEFORE CHANEL, but it was only showing past my bedtime. I am in need of a beautiful, emotional film....


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  2. Very nice video for the class of 2k10. I hope lots of people view it.


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