Monday, November 30, 2009


Continuing with the Author ABCs...

The most important word an author needs to sling around is YES.

When an agent says she needs a proposal for a sequel: YES

When an editor says she needs the revisions by next Monday, and it's late Friday afternoon, and you were planning to go on an overnight date with your husband: YES

When a library wants to book your program, but doesn't have the funding: YES

When a striving writer asks you to read their first draft, and you don't really have time, but you remember being a striving writer... heck, you still ARE a striving writer: YES

When a brand new book blogger requests an interview: YES

Of course there are times when the answer needs to be "no," but choose wisely, my friends. You will get much farther in this writing business with YES.

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  1. U notice the things at very minute level and present them in a very creative and interesting manner. i am neither a writer nor a very creative person but still i can observe it.
    Great work appreciated!!!


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