Monday, December 14, 2009


You know those people they feature on tv every year -- the ones who suck up all the neighborhood electricity with all those twinkling Christmas lights, and we're all like, who has the time and energy to even turn all those lights on, much less set them up?

Well. Pat Weaver's house is like that on the INSIDE. And it's complete magic.

Seriously, you have never seen so many Santas or nativity sets from all corners of the globe. Pat's husband Ronnie said it's like moving twice a year, there's so many boxes to unpack and repack... and yes, Eric pretty much wanted to move in right then and there. The place radiates LOVE, and I was so happy to experience it.

There were also horses and kids and dogs and gifts and dirty Santa and countertops spilling homemade chocolate pie and coconut cake and chicken salad and those little party weenies. I always feel so at-home when I am at Pat's -- even though watching her boundless energy totally wears me out! And it got me thinking: THIS is what Christmas is about.

Hope all of you are feeling the love too!


  1. Thanks for coming to the B'ham Quilter's Guild yesterday! I wanted to meet you in person, but I had a guest with me and wasn't able to get over to meet you. I'm the one who had the guest that I met through my blog. Anyway, I can't wait to read your book!

  2. I love going to my Aunt Pat's house at Christmas. As a child I was facinated with her lights and village and dancing snowmen. Even now when I go to her house at Christmas I feel like I stepped into another world. One of my favorite decorations: the train in the hallway on the wall that spins round and round, and the Tigger in the girls' room that bounces when you walk past.


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