Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm not talking about those curly ribbons that won't curl or that cake I baked yesterday that didn't rise or even the traffic snarl I found myself caught in yesterday FOR THREE HOURS.

No, I'm talking about happy random and good madness.

Like the baby tea I am going to today with Rachel Hawkins (of the very cool covers) for about-to-bust Lindsey Leavitt, who is so cool and suave and amazing, she decided to have a baby for Christmas. And the meeting I have this morning at my son's new school. Also the run I am making to Wal-mart and the ARC I am excited to crack open -- THE RISE OF RENEGADE X by Chelsea Campbell, who, speaking of cool, not only signed the ARC but imprinted it with a cool "X." Creative, creative writers. Love them.

Oh and Lauren's big Year's Worth of Books Giveaway contest is up, and yes, LEAVING GEE'S BEND joins lots of other great debut books in celebration. And I am dashing to Florence this weekend for a quilt show and barn party and Pat Weaver's chicken fingers and a SCBWI Schmooze where I will talk about writing what you don't know.

Also, Eric's elves is back. And those guys are so mischeivous -- yesterday morning candy was strewn all over the kitchen, and thanks to the rain, the ants had invaded for a late Thanksgiving feast. But still good! Because Eric believes in magic. And I do too.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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