Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So I'm back in Birmingham after my big weekend promoting LEAVING GEE'S BEND in conjunction with the opening of the Gee's Bend quilt exhibit at Flint Institute of Arts.

I'm tired, yes. But more than that, I'm inspired. I mean, Flint is pure awesomeness! The people are so warm and welcoming -- I swear it was just like being in Alabama. And the museum staff, particularly the Education Department... can I just say I felt so very special and well taken care of? Monique and Jana, y'all are the best!

Other highlights and pics to follow tomorrow. Meanwhile, can you guess my five favorite fictional places? Find out over at Class of 2k10!

Also, here's an article from Shelby County Reporter about one of the launch events.

And an interview at Doraine Bennett's lovely blog, all about curriculum connections.

Also some wonderful reviews: Always Something to Read
and The Joys of Reading

And last but not least: Booklist had sweet things to say about LEAVING GEE'S BEND! Here's the quick pull: "authentic and memorable" - Booklist

Now. What are YOUR favorite fictional places?? Dying to know!


  1. Well duh... Gee's Bend is one :)
    yours and mine

    Darn you Irene... you know I'm terrible with remembering names something creek in KY from Faith, Hope and Ivy June

    Darn, darn... the furnal home in Each little bird that sings

    Hogwarts :) :) from Harry Potter

    the Fraz I think that is how you spell it from Gone by Michael Grant...

  2. Oh, Stable Granny, of course, Hogwarts. Then, Rivendell, the Elvin outpost in LOTR.


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