Monday, January 11, 2010


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Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the One Little Word contest! As you can see, we had some GREAT words. (A few of them don't show up here ... I don't know why.) Thank you so much for sharing.

Now. To name the winner of the contest: Brigita, with the word "GROWTH"! Congratulations to you, and happy growing. :) I'll be in touch later today.

Okay, off and running this morning to a Birmingham Quilters Guild meeting -- taking my mom with me. She's hoping someone can tell her how to repair a quilt her grandmother made in the 1930s.

Meanwhile, check out more bloggers featuring LEAVING GEE'S BEND: Sarah C. Campbell (with video!), Elizabeth Dulemba, Mindi Scott, Linda Gerber,Quilter's Muse and Liyanaland! (part 2). Oh, and a fabulous review from Frenetic Reader. Thanks, y'all! And pics from yesterday's amazing launch coming v.v. soon! :)

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