Monday, February 15, 2010


Have I mentioned before that I love February? Yep. And most especially THIS February. Here's why:

1. Fan Mail!! That's right, I have fans. Well, to be more precise, I have a teacher who asked her kids to write me letters after I visited their school. Still counts. Thanks, kids!

2. Snow. All Mario wanted to do was eat it! But aren't his little paw prints SO CUTE?

3. The Bookstore in Huntsville. Had a great signing with so many wonderful folks... and Bonnie and Jennifer even brought me FLOWERS! You can just barely see the tulips and the tip-top of a gorgeous hydrangea in this pic of me and store owner Cassandra Wilson. Talk about SWEET...

4. New quilting project. Shhhhh... it's for mom, who is joining me for my South Alabama/Mississippi Book Tour. More on this later!

5. Early birthday present from my sister. EXACTLY what I needed!! LTG, you are the best sister in the galaxy!


  1. So excited for you. How fun to get fan mail! Thanks again to the Comment Challenge for introducing you to me.

  2. Fan mail is awesome! Hope you get tons of it!

  3. still in the dark age with no computer and didn't go to work today... icy roads... I have this wonderful book review to post at BAM, Amazon and on my blog but.... grrrrrrr I think I might have to use a stick and write it in mud.... I know those quilt pieces. :)

  4. Fan mail! Hooray! You may be happy to know that your book was stocked and easy to find at the independent bookstore here in S.B. I have an unusually long Y.A. I'm finishing, but then I can get to LGB! I like your snow picture, too.

  5. Hi my name is Jordan Embry. And I am one of the kids that sent you FAIN MAIL. I am in 4 grade and 10 years old just like Ludeifeia if thats how you spell her name. Our class is reading the book together right now Mamma just had her babby Rose.I didn't say that I was in Mrs. Coker's class.You are a REALLY SWEET and NICE.I am on my grandmothers computer.PLEASE COME BACK TO BROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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