Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I had an amazing school visit yesterday -- at Pizitz Middle School in Vestavia, Alabama.

Yep, those kids were great! And the teachers -- what a pleasure. Big thanks to Ann Knight and the whole Author Visit Committee for bringing me flowers and ordering cake with that sweet,delicious frosting I can't get enough of and giving me a few minutes of blessed quiet after three back-to-back presentations... how did you know I needed that??

And to Principal David Miles, seriously, wanna travel with me? Your introductions were beautiful!

Finally, to Linda, photographer from The Birmingham News: so happy you got there before I'd left the building! Looking forward to that shot you took from above my shoulder. :)

Next stop: Central School in Florence, Alabama. See y'all Friday!!


  1. you're a gypsy traveling from one part of the south to another part ... state to state... are you going to put a bed in that van and start wearing bangle bracelets??

  2. Wow! I remember going to Math Team competitions during the 7th and 8th grades at that school! The kids there are SUPER smart. The school is big too! Have fun back in Florence. Try to go to pancake day if you can!


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