Monday, March 15, 2010


Forget the wild-n-crazy beach scenes and think blessed quiet: by unanimous vote we decided to stay home this Spring Break, to sleep late, eat lunch at our favorite restaurants, watch movies, go to the park.

So far it has been a delightful change of pace after the madness of book promotion that has had me appearing at more than 30 schools, bookstores and libraries in five different states over the past two months. Whew!

I've had SUCH great adventures, though. Here's a few pics from last week:

... at the press conference for Alabama Book Festival, a fabulous family event in Montgomery to be held April 17. Also pictured: authors Kathleen Thompson, Kirk Curnutt and Martha Hawkins.

...with Sulynn and Kristin, from Black Belt Treasures, who set up school visits for me at Wilcox Academy and Camden School of Arts and Technology. If you are ever in Camden, you MUST GO to Black Belt Treasures. They are a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting artists in the Black Belt area. And they are just awesome, generous, wonderful people. The whole day in Camden was like a dream!

...with the Book Club at Black Belt Treasures! What fun it was to talk to a room full of people who had read LEAVING GEE'S BEND. And not just any people: people from CAMDEN, where Ludelphia goes in the book. I asked them what I got wrong... and they were really sweet about all the things they felt I got right. Talk about southern hospitality... THANK YOU.

...with fabulous Midsouth SCBWI authors Tracy Barrett, Candie Moonshower and Kristin Tubb at the Historical Fiction workshop at Davis-Kidd Bookseller in Nashville, set up by the lovely Shelly Cook.

Looking back over these pics, I realize I am past-due for a haircut. Hmmm. Let me see if I can squeeze that in between all this relaxing, before I hit the road Friday for the Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville. Can't wait!!


  1. Enjoy your break. Smell some flowers!

  2. Just looking at your book promotion schedule makes me tired. Plus you have three teenage boys wanting moms attention. I'm constantly amazed at your energy. Also, I'm happy Andrew was accepted at Alabama's School of Fine Arts.


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