Tuesday, April 20, 2010


That would be Arkansas, folks.

First stop: That Bookstore in Blytheville, where I will be signing books TODAY at 5 pm.

Wednesday: School visits arranged by Marvel from That Bookstore. I can't express what a wonderful thing this is. As much as I LOVE school visits, I spend entirely too much time setting them up and making contracts and corresponding about said visits. It can be crazy-making. So big BIG thanks to the booksellers/librarians of the world who take this job off my plate.

Wednesday night: Hanging out with my Very Best Girlfriend and her family at their home near Little Rock. (You know that friend who knows everything about you and still loves you? Yep. That's her.)

Thursday: School visit at Collegeville Elementary in Bryant. This is super-cool because one of my early beta-readers works there. And she's the one who made this whole visit possible. So I am especially thrilled to talk with her 5th graders about LEAVING GEE'S BEND!

Friday: It's POETRY FRIDAY... which means another poetry anthology giveaway!! I can't believe we're in the homestretch of National Poetry Month... I'm happy to report I am still going strong with a poem a day!

Here's the poems I've written in the past few days, all of them in response to works of art:

"Alligator Pears in a Basket" (Georgia O'Keefe)
"June" (Ellen Day Hale)
"The Bath" (Mary Cassatt)
"Sheep by the Sea" (Rosa Bonheur)
"Staffelsee in Autumn" (Garbriele Munter) *pictured above


  1. Yep, friends are what makes good news trilling or bad news bearable... they laugh with you (and sometimes at you)but they are just as quick to cry with you.

  2. You're still doing a poem a day!? Way to go! Hope you enjoy your visit with your best friend.

  3. Big congrats, Irene! A poem a day is incredible! Keep going!

    Hope you enjoyed your time with your girlfriend. That is one the pinnacles of existence . . . to spend time with a best friend!

    Laura Evans


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