Sunday, April 4, 2010


Okay, so I am not one to dwell on the things that go wrong in life. But there have been a few lately I've just got to share:

1. In my effort to pack light-very light, I brought just one pair of shoes to Michigan: knee-high black books guaranteed to go with anything! Well. Said boots were quite fun in the airport security line. And didn't quite work with the pajamas I wore each morning to get breakfast at the hotel. (I'm thinking flipflops for BEA in May. What do y'all think? :)

2. When I drove to Charlottesville for the Virginia Festival of the Book, I was rocking along so peacefully... until.... I got a speeding ticket. Yeah, Mr. "Do You Know How Fast You Were Going?" Thanks so much for that.

3. People ask me all the time how my kids feel about me being a "real writer," and I wish I had some great story to tell them. But the truth is, they are completely unimpressed. And the youngest, who is accustomed to me reading with him every night, got mad about it recently and said, "why do you have to go all these places?" Oh, the Working Mommy Guilt...

4. I love good food, love to eat, lovelovelove trying new restaurants in new places. So while I am so very happy for spring and sunshine and flowers, I am a wee bit scared of Bikini Season. (Do they make invisible Spanx to wear under bikinis? Because they totally should.)

5. While I have loved listening to books and music on CD, the road gets really lonely. So I pull out the cell phone, of course. Didn't realize just how much until I opened that last Verizon bill. Yikes!! If only texting while driving wasn't so freaking dangerous....


  1. I really need to learn how to pack light. I am more likely to bring 6 pairs of shoes for a four-day trip then to pack one pair of not entirely practical shoes, but I'll try and learn something from your mistake. I enjoyed your misadventures! It sounds like you're having a good time all the same!

  2. I'm LOL at that mental image of you with the boots on with your PJs! :)

  3. Fun post. Yep. They should make Spanx for Bikini Season. One writer posted a picture of his "office" and it was a treadmill w/a laptop platform rigged to it. Genius.

    At least you are getting a laugh out of your misadventures!

  4. You and your shoes... take dressing hint from me... if it's comforty wear it.
    Could you not take your way out of that ticket?? I should have been with you. We would have got off with a warning or went to jail. :)

  5. I remember being stopped a couple times for speeding to work down highway 101, the officer was as young and nice looking as the young man who stopped you... luckly I was working for the Forest Service at the time and it must have been the uniform that saved me from a ticket both times.. had to be, I was in my late 50's so charm wouldn't have done it... I don't think....:)
    Enjoying your blog...

  6. No, no, no....don't text and drive. Of course, I can because I can't drive anymore! I'm the passenger!

    I agree that misadventures can be good- they certainly lead to story ideas and great blog posts :-)


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