Sunday, May 23, 2010


Big Apple, here I come!

Some highlights I'm especially looking forward to:

1. Rooming with Bonnie Doerr, author of ISLAND STING. (Bonnie and I are both introverts, and it helps to be with someone who understands the way crowds/events/celebrations can take it all out of a gal. And how quiet time is NECESSARY.)

2. Meeting Excellent Editor Stacey Barney and Awesome Agent Rosemary Stimola in the flesh! And so many cyber writer friends!! Yes, there will be pictures.

3. Snagging some ARCs to read and then give away HERE.

4. Going to Carmine's in the Theater District with Class of 2k10. We have lots of other wonderful events planned, among them Books of Wonder, Tuesday, 6-8 pm; NYPL - Mulberry St. Branch, Wednesday, 10 -12 pm; The Voracious Reader, Wednesday, 4-5 pm... but I'm not sure any of them can top Carmine's. Although we did spring for some very cool tshirts. Shari Maurer, the most amazing, giving, generous New Yorker IN THE WORLD has done so much to facilitate this trip... check out her post here.

5. Broadway, baby! Bonnie and I snagged some tickets to JERSEY BOYS. Think of us, Thursday night, tapping our toes...

Sadly, my computer is on the outs, so I will be without my most favorite gadget. And it is tragic that Paul will not be with me on this trip... I've never been to NYC without him. I mean, who am I gonna kiss in Central Park?? Sigh....

I'll be back with a full report upon my return! Until then, happy last week of school to all you Alabama kids and teachers!! Summer is HERE!


  1. Have fun, Irene! :)

    I was hoping to get to BEA this year, but, alas, it wasn't to be (and I'm right over the Hudson in NJ, too!). Wow . . . Alabama kids are out already?! My kids don't get out till the third week in June . . . but the weather's getting better so it's not so bad . . .

    ENJOY YOUR STAY IN NYC! You've got a COOL itinerary lined up! Looking forward to hearing your report . . . :)

  2. I want to go... take me with you.. oh you're already gone... take me next year ...I'm your bestest old friend ... old being the word.

  3. whenever i go to new york, the first thing i will do is go to broadway and watch The Lion King!!! then Wicked!


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