Sunday, May 9, 2010


I remember a bumper sticker from years ago - long before I was a parent - that read, "PARENTING IS SACRED."


You mothers know what I'm talking about. Happy Day to you all!

And most especially, Happy Day to my mother. We don't get to choose our parents, and wow, have I been most fortunate to be so well loved from before I was even born.

And now, the flip side... my boys know their mother pretty well. So my gifts were handmade creations: a funny card from oldest son, complete with illustrations; a box made out of paper from my youngest; and the following verse from the one in the middle (he gave me permission to share):


My mom is so cool
She married no fool
She had three kids
That she did
She wrote a book
And is a wonderful cook
She is a great lady
And her name is not Katie
She is my mom
And she is the bomb!

Sweetness... and I have to thank that "no fool" for his gentle reminders to the guys... these things tend to slip their minds in between track practice and Halo and a gazillion urgent texts and downloading songs to their ipods.

I love all of you so very much!

*art by Pablo Picasso

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  1. I got a gift card to Khol's ... when your kids are older they give you things, but God bless grandchildren... I got the homemade cards from them, They all were master pieces of art and lots of XXXX and OOO but Kane did write a sweet thing. Granny, you are the icing on my cake and make everything sweet. Ahhhhh

    Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Hey Irene, I planted the garden last night and if everything goes will will have vegs for you the end of June.


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