Sunday, May 2, 2010


They can bring together mothers and daughters in a book club at Homewood Library... (meet the daughters)

They can inspire 3rd graders to make art at Reeltown School...

They can inspire a great home ec pillow project for middle schoolers at Berry Middle School...

...and provide a way for staff members to tell their family stories...

AND they can bring together people of all ages in celebration of history and family and all the ways we are connected to one another. (10 year old Eric is behind the camera!)

Thanks, everyone, for sharing the quilt-love!!


  1. These are such lovely tributes to all the connections forming through your writing, and through sharing the magic of what quilts can do...beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing your quilt love! I get the e-newsletter from lit. agent Kristin Nelson, and she wrote that an editor told her she was looking for fiction about quilts and set in the South. Wonder if you started something. . . :)


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