Wednesday, June 16, 2010


So, what have I been doing this summer?


Apart from bemoaning the absence of my beloved laptop (still not fixed! Holy moly, will I survive???), I have been teaching.

And teaching.

And teaching.

I taught middle schoolers about writing poetry and writing voice at Red Mountain Writing Project. (Ever tried to define voice? Yeah. Not so easy.)

Last weekend at Southern Christian Writers Conference I taught a whole slew of wonderful folks about writing poetry and marketing novels (except I called it "Book Promotion in Ten Easy Steps!" Yeah, that statement is about as true as the billboards on highway 280. But come on. We gotta have a little fun with it!)

Anyhoo.... to borrow your word, dear Jen #1...this weekend I am at it again: I'll be teaching high school kids attending Journalism camp at University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. We'll be talking poetry, fiction, literary mags, social media... I'm excited!

Unfortunately I will not have my helper with me this weekend. I'll miss you, Eric. xxoo


  1. I love to hear of all these opportunities you have to teach. Hoping I might come across of few of these myself...

  2. And next weekend you'll be eating the best ribs and smoked chicken in the south... Their chicken fingers are good too, so my grnadchildren say. I hope it's cooler that weekend. Whewwww... makes sweat just thinking about it.

  3. It sounds like we're overlapping (and almost overlapping) a couple of times this month! The MJW kids will come to Birmingham for a magazine tour next week.

    It was lovely to meet you at SCWC.

  4. Awesome! Wish I could have sat in on "Book Promotion in Ten Easy Steps!" I'm sure I would have learned a lot!!


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