Thursday, September 30, 2010


Okay. Who hasn't wanted to wake up, just once, in someone else's body? Well, Ginger Rue has written a book about that very thing... only It-Girl Brinkley Harper doesn't want it to happen -- which makes her "jumps" all the more fun! You've got to read this book. Great writing, and really fun. And have I mentioned Ginger is a dear friend of mine from way back in high school? Yep. Show her some love!

Now. About these Jump Starters. Here's the skinny, straight from Ginger's blog:

"JUMP Starters will be 25 people who will be selected to help spread the word about JUMP in their communities. They’ll receive a free kit in the mail with a copy of the novel, a poster of the book jacket, and bookmarks to hand out to whomever they choose. If they can convince a bookstore or library in their town to hang up the poster, and then send me a picture of themselves beside the poster, they’ll get another freebie: a JUMP t-shirt. And let me just say that this is a pretty cool t-shirt: a crimson color similar to the background on the book jacket, with yellow print. I have to pay for mine, but JUMP Starters will get theirs FREE!"

Now, go! To be selected you have to visit Ginger's blog, like, right now!! GOOD LUCK! And Congratulations, Ginger, on a wonderful new book!

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