Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've been hearing lots of buzz about this book:

Can't wait to read, especially after my recent trip to Vicksburg, where I had a lovely time with all sorts of wonderful librarians, but most especially the crew from Oxford: Dorothy Fitts, Nancy Opalko, Judy Card, Laura Beth and Corey. Thanks so much for the invitation AND for the good time. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love Mississippi!

Now for something that made me laugh: What's wrong with this picture?

Ummm, yeah. That lovely bespectacled woman ain't me! In fact, none of us could figure out who she was at all. So, Lovely Bespectacled Woman, if you're reading, please do speak up. Would love to meet you.

My luncheon talk with the librarians couldn't have gone better -- except for my hair. Lordy, did that Yazoo River do a number on my badly-in-need-of-a-trim locks! (Adding to the to-do list: Get A Haircut)

Another highlight for me was watching Sarah C. Campbell receive the Book Award for WOLFSNAIL. I snagged this pic from her post with the details.

I also waved when I passed the exit for Chunky, MS (at least one reader knows why), then stopped in Meridian on my way home, to visit writer friend Richelle Putnam who is always ALWAYS doing something creative and exciting. This time she showed me her offices at Blue South Publishing, where she is the managing editor of a soon-to-debut arts and culture mag called LEGENDS. SO exciting! And great, as always to share time and space with such a generous, visionary spirit.

What's next, you ask? Well. I've decided to do NANOWRIMO for (get this!) an ADULT project. Yep, it's happening.... happy last week of October, y'all!


  1. You are busy, Irene! I'm going to do NaNoWriMo, too, only I will be writing one short story or a few flash fiction pieces each day. I guess that makes it a NaShoStoWriMo for me! :D

  2. I LOVE those Oxford librarians!!

    And, Tom Franklin's book is on the top of my stack. I can't wait to get to it!

    And, wow!!! Way to go Sarah and Richelle.

    Thanks for loving our state, Irene. Can't wait to hear about you newest project.


  3. Your hair could be curly like mine and humidity could make it where you look like one you're ready for Halloween as a hippie with a perm! Adult novel!!!! What's it about??? What genre???

  4. Wow! Best of luck on NaNo. I failed miserably last year. And I desperately need a trim, too. Entirely too many appts. to schedule...


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