Wednesday, December 1, 2010


So I was reading this article in Ode Magazine by Rabbi Rami called Standing Barefoot before God about the "agony and ecstasy of writing as a spiritual practice."

Rabbi Rami cites the Gospel According to Thomas:

"Don't cease seeking until you find. When you find you will be troubled. When you're troubled, you will marvel. And when you marvel, you will reign over all."

I wish there was a cyber link to this article. Instead I guess y'all will have to go out and buy the magazine instead!

Or, even better: GO OUT AND MARVEL.

Speaking of marveling...the lovely spiderweb photograph is by my amazing sis Lynn Baker. We are producing some postcard swag for THE COLOR OF LOST ROOMS that include her photo and my poem "The Faith of Spiders."

Stay tuned!


  1. Go our and marvel: love it. Great advice for writers and anyone else.

    I will do that today.

  2. every day friend...isn't it ashame most people don't see the wonder that is around them.

  3. I love the spider web and the quote. Thank you for the reminder to marvel, which can get lost in the busyness of this time of year.

  4. Been meaning to give you a big congrats. on The Color or Lost Rooms coming out.

    I agree, "Go out and marvel" is great advice. And, the spider web picture is a marvel. Beautiful.


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