Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is my dining room table. Not a lot eating goes on here, as you can probably tell. And because it's cold, and because it's the start of a new year, and because I am feeling a bit scattershot this week, it has become the Project Table aka The Heaven of Unfinished Projects (after Neruda's "heaven of lost stories").

Among the projects:

a red "City Blocks" quilt I am piecing for a sweet little boy named James who is 5 years old and loves the Disney CARS movie. I'm using fabric from my stash, and on the back I am using a panel I bought with Lightning McQueen and Mater. I also purchased 2 yards of "Map of Radiator Springs" to carry the theme. Getting there!

my 2010 scrapbook. Have I mentioned that I marked 2011 as the year I switch to all-digital scrapbooking? Yep. No more paper and double stick tape for me! I love the ease of producing digital books. But I've still got to finish up my 2010 book before I can completely move on.

one of my wips, the one most calling my name at this very moment. I've got a complete first draft and need to read and revise. So excited about this one!!

poetry submissions, all printed up with lovely cover letters and SASE. It shocks me that there are so many literary magazines out there still NOT accepting electronic submissions. So, a-licking and stamping I go.

a map of the Pacific Ocean, which my middle son wants framed for his bedroom wall. After starting a successful gum business at school, he's graduated to e-bay, where he is selling maps from 19th Century atlases. But this one shows the shipping routes, and he doesn't want to part with it. The whole thing has got me thinking: what map would mean something to me? Of all the places in the world... what geography am I most attached to? Still thinking.

What projects do you have in the works this January? If you had a map on your wall, what would is show?


  1. i love the idea of a heaven for unfinished projects!

  2. Quilt for my spoiled rotten granddaughter and you might ask which one since I have three... the adjective would descript all but it's for the oldest. Restarted Forever Graceland... like it much better and I won't mention the puzzle because you'll just say get to writing.

  3. You have condensed your projects to a TABLE? Mine is literally a house right now. Well, I finished the bathrooms, but the rest... EEK!

  4. projects i have in the works for this januray? school!

  5. Oh my! You have a lot of projects, and the table looks sweet and homey covered with them.

    My project is the WIP I started in Dec. '09 but wouldn't let myself work on until I'd finished a draft of one of the other two novels I kept starting over again and again. So nice to have a new "love affair" with a shiny new WIP while I wait for beta feedback. Happy New Year!


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