Sunday, March 6, 2011


Actually, I took this picture last Wednesday. It's a Bradford pear tree, and those of you who live in the south know these trees are very popular for landscape design. At least the were when we built this house over a dozen years ago.

Since Wednesday it's rained, and the blossoms have started to fall off as green shoots move in, and the sky has turned to cold steel. But wasn't it gorgeous??

The reasons I'm posting this pic now, on Sunday, because it's how I felt yesterday (Saturday) when I spent the day in Chattanooga with my sister Lynn.

I have written here before how Lynn is the best give I ever got. It's still true. Seriously, I don't know what I would do without her sweet smile and irreverence and patient ear.

Yesterday, over lunch at Tony's, and before shopping at the North Shore, I unleashed the Crazy Lady who lives in my head... that one battling with story ideas and direction and characters that don't want to stay in their places.

Now you writers know how you cannot dump your madness on just anyone. It's so very personal, and it's such a raw place, with many acres of swampland called Doubt. There's also the Confusion Mountains and the I Want it NOW Ocean. And my sister Lynn is a fortress, a bunker, a Swiss Family Treehouse.

Because she is NOT a writer, I'm not sure she will ever know how many times she's saved my life. All I can do is keep saying THANK YOU.

So, thanks, sweet sister. And the Italian Cream Cake was delicious too.


  1. Your pear tree in bloom makes me smile. We're just feeling the first twinges of spring up here in NY. The forsythia are sprouting yellow buds -- always a good sign. And the snow is gone.

    What a lovely post about your sister. I loved the paragraph, "Now you writers know..." Lucky both of you to have each other. :)

  2. can you hear me sneezing just looking at that tree :) Everyone tells me that sisters are wonderful but I guess I will never know. So glad you had a good day, it will make the crazy week go easier.

  3. I never had a sister, either. But my two daughters have this kind of friendship. I love watching them. Love the metaphor--Swiss Family Treehouse. That says it all, doesn't it? I have a Bradford pear at the corner of my house, too. It's lovely.

  4. I just wrote about MY Crazy Lady on Monday! Maybe it's the Bradford pears (everything's hormones and weather) but the swamps and oceans have been swelling this week.

    And now for a gorgeous, dry Friday and two uninterrupted hours before me...

    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in Florence!


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