Sunday, May 1, 2011


Due to my hectic travel schedule this past month, I knew I would not be able to accomplish a poem a day, as is my April custom.

Instead, I've decided to write a poem a day for May. And I'm using some prompts handed out by Alabama Poet Laureate Sue Walker at the Alabama State Poetry Society luncheon.

Today's prompt: Write about circling the edge.

At the luncheon Barry Marks' book POSSIBLE CROCODILES was named BOOK OF THE YEAR and John Chambers was named POET OF THE YEAR. (Yes, in a organization largely populated by women, the guys cleaned up!)

Special Announcement from the Alabama State Poetry Society:


A Challenge and Impromptu contest.

Any form, length up to 40 lines.

Subject: Anything about the storm, personal tragedies, surviving, living in the south amid storms.

No entry fee.

Winners’ poems will be widely circulated, including sending them to Governor’s office and local press.

Deadline: MONDAY, MAY 16.

Email poems WITHOUT YOUR NAME ON THEM to ASPS President Joe Whitten

He will send only the poems (not the cover email) to Barry Marks who will select top 3-5 for final judging by a non-member. Barry will send winning poems to Joe who will compare to emails and announce winners.

If you cannot send by attachment, please leave room on email for Joe to cut and paste when forwarding to Barry.

12-point type is recommended.

Only Alabama State Poetry Society members may participate but anyone joining by May 16 (postmark) will be included.

To join, send your Name; Address, Phone # and E-Mail Address and a check or money order for $20.00 to:
Wayne DeLoach, Treasurer
2532 County Rd 57
Marbury, AL 36051

Prize: $100 to each of two first prize winners. Up to 3 unranked runners up.

There are some great inspirations such as “Dixie Storms” (song) by Lone Justice,“The Storm” by Theodore Roethke, George Herbert’s “Storm

Good luck!!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one running behind for National Poetry Month, Irene! I'm going to take inspiration from you and try to write to any prompts you share!

    All best,



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