Thursday, June 23, 2011


Earlier this week a sweet friend invited me to bring my kids and hang out at the pool with her and some other mutual friends.

Nice, right?

But I don't really enjoy the pool. Nor do my kids.

I don't like sunscreen or sunburn or "laying out." I get cranky in the heat. I don't like the noise or the splashing or the sheer busy-ness of it all. So many people!

And I know, I know, this makes me sound so very un-cool, like what's wrong with that family, don't they know how to have fun?

I assure you, we DO. It's just our definition of fun is highly influenced by the fact that we are family of introverts. (Give us the pool, at night -- or even better, a lake! or ocean! --just us... now THAT sounds like fun!)We like our space. We like quiet. Yes, we like people, but in small(er) doses.

Which is why tonight, I'm going with another friend to see the Birmingham Museum of Art's Who Shot Rock & Roll? It's a photographic journey through the history of rock & roll. Even though there will be lots of people, it will also be intimate as me and my friend experience it together, just us two. It will be stimulating and inspiring. And no sunscreen needed. :)


  1. I like someone who knows who she is. And maybe needs even a higher sunblock number than I do. The show sounds wonderful.

  2. Jeannine, we are soul-sisters. Wish I could jet you down here to go with. xo

  3. I'm with you, girl. Have you noticed that the main character in The White Darkness is an introvert? I can't remember too many main characters who fit that description. I'm paying attention to how the author reveals details about this quiet girl. I'm looking forward to a conversation when we're both done.

  4. quiet??? no noise?? and y'all are friends with me because??? Love ya girlfriend (and your boys) but you've got to try things... you should have told your friend ... pool, night time... great I love floating in the pool late at night... of course quiet and no noise is not part of it... kids, kids, kids everywhere


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