Wednesday, July 20, 2011


My mother lives just outside the charming town of Monticello, Florida. So, on my recent visit, we decided to "do" Monticello.

Here we are, happy to be together.

Turns out, everything there is to "do" in Monticello can't be done on a Monday. We drove up to one antique store after another only to find a "CLOSED" sign. We admired the historic Wirick Simmons house and bemoaned the fact that we couldn't get in.

And then we went into the drug store. When we told the cashier about our predicament, she said, I know just who to call.

Not thirty minutes later we met members of the Jefferson County Historical Society for a private tour of the house! And it was lovely. Aren't small towns THE BEST??

Here's Mama with Eric,one of the best travelers EVER.

The yard outside the house was so very Florida. The soil was sandy, and there were magnolias and live oaks and palmettos. And palm trees of course!

And here's a close-up shot. I wish I had taken an even closer-up shot -- love how those palm trees have that bristly hair-looking stuff growing amid the latticework you see here.

Inside the house we found other treasures, like this dress that the wearer had a hand in at ever stage of creation: homegrown cotton spun into fabric; fabric dyed and cut. dress sewn by hand. Whoever the wearer was, she had that classic t-tiny waist. (And probably a really strong corset.)

This doll made me think of Ludelphia:

Love this old clock!

Most of all, I love my mama. It was so wonderful to spend some time with her. We're already making plans for a return trip, on a weekend, so we can get inside those adorable junk shops. Can't wait!

Oh, and if you happen to go: eat at The Rare Door restaurant and try the hummingbird cake. :)

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  1. love it... and Eric is getting so big... and you better cherish your Mama because there isn't another person on this earth that loves you like your Mama. I know you're saying husband but if you mess up and make an unforgiveable mistake... only your Mama will forgive you in her heart and not just with her mouth. Unforgiveable mistake??? too much Harry Potter


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