Monday, August 22, 2011


It's not everyday one gets named a hurricane.

HOWEVER: I must confess: it's not my first time.

See, there was another Hurricane Irene, back in October, 1999.

Here are the headlines my sister and I collected:

One of my favorite memories of that experience was my Grandma Dykes who told me in her precious voice that it was a "sweet hurricane," and how could it NOT be, with my name?

That's the kind of loving I've been fortunate to have my entire life. Is there any more important gift we can give one another??

So. Here's hoping the 2011 Hurricane Irene is also a sweet one. Thinking about all those on the trajectory... stay safe!


  1. They're saying it is going off the coast of Florida and hit along the Carolina coast...Cat 3 is what they expect. We need the rain bad but I hate that the folks along the coast might get hit

  2. There she blows.... I agree with Pat; got my fingers crossed that friends in Charleston and Myrtle Beach will all be safe.

    Watch for your book to arrive by next week.


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