Friday, August 5, 2011


Last week when I posted a poem for Poetry Friday, StableGranny had this to say:

"poetry is the picking flowers, bird watching, take a nap on your way to get some place... write me a poem that is put you foot down and get there."

I just shook my head in sadness when I read that comment. Because looking at the small things, exploding the moment -- that's pretty much the point of poetry. It requires the writer to take time and look closely at something, and it promises the reader a new perspective or awareness. If the reader will only take the time too.

And while it saddens me that our world moves so fast sometimes that poetry gets lost, I'm thinking that all of us poets can learn from this comment:

Less is more.
Say it.
Get there.
Then get out of the poem.

I've written a number of poems this week with this advice in mind. But I don't care what StableGranny says: I still love a meandering poem that picks flowers, bird watches and takes a nap. :)

For more poetry, Libby has Poetry Friday Roundup at A Year of Literacy Coaching.

painting by De Scott Williams


  1. And that is what mades you so special to me... you don't care what I say you keep being you... but in truth could you really see me picking flowers and meandering at anything :)
    I love your poems and maybe that is why God sent you into my life... to make me smell the flowers and slow down a little because I read your poems and any you recommend

  2. How could taking a nap be wrong? And really, we have lost something important if we don't notice what is around us. I think not noticing the natural world, for instance, is part of why we treat it so badly.

  3. Jeannine Atkins has a great post on plot this week at her blog. She mentions, "I have a high tolerance for lingering and meandering" - and I completely understand! I even love the sound of that word, me-an-derrr... Here I am lingering over meandering. But that is why I love poetry.

  4. Oh, I thought I posted here, but must have missed a step, so excuse me if this repeats... I can add a thanks to Robyn for quoting me on meandering!

    Irene, I love your thoughtful response to the comment. We can all benefit from switching around our habits from time to time. But for me slow is the best way to take in the world. Some people practice that through prayer or meditation, some painting, and some with words: hunting for the right ones. Reading poetry can remind us of what we miss when we're in a hurry. So thanks for your beautiful contributions to that!

  5. StableGranny: our friendship has given me many poems. Other stuff too. Love you!
    Tabatha: YES to being open to the natural world. Real LIVE poetry, right there, all around us.
    Robyn and Jeannine: I love gals who will linger and meander -- even over words. But y'all knew that. :) Thanks for sharing the view.

  6. i don't know what poetry is, i only know how it feels, when i read it, write it, hear it. it's the voice of things without voice, the unsaid things brought to light. it's the spirit of the individual beyond what is surface. even in humor (especially in humor) there is always some kernel of truth...

    but, yes. slow down, look back,and remember we are all part of nature as well.

  7. David, I love "i only know how it feels." Here's to stiving for that kernel of truth. Thanks for your comment.


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