Friday, September 9, 2011


1. I finished copyedits for DON'T FEED THE BOY. Although "finished" is not quite the right word -- yesterday I stewed for HOURS over one little word and first thing this morning sent my dear editor another tiny tweak. (It's a word in the very first sentence, so pretty darn important.)

2. After two weeks of reconstruction, the inspector comes TODAY to sign off on repair work required after Formosan termites made a meal of our home. I cannot tell you what a relief this will be. The workers have been great, but it's still PEOPLE IN MY HOUSE. All day. Looking forward to some quiet!

3. Ruby had her spay surgery this week and tomorrow I will take her to The Dog Whisperer Pat who will keep her until October 1. We've got a big trip to North Dakota later this month, and Ruby needs a little help with socialization and learning not to jump. Pat is just the gal to whip that sweet girl into line!

4. I got a new van. I pretty much drove the wheels off the last van -- nearly 200,000 miles! So now we're enjoying that new car smell and I'm obsessing over every speck and smudge. This, too, shall pass.

5. It's Poetry Friday today, so don't forget to visit Katie at Secrets and Sharing Soda. And if you happen to have written any poetry inspired by storms (recent or otherwise), please send 'em to me for consideration for publication in or April 2012 "Storm" issue of Birmingham Arts Journal. Deadline is December 31.

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. I heard about the termites - hope all is taken care of soon. I like your wise words - and would add these at the end, Life is about Sharing Yourself!

  2. I had Ruby's sister Lulu at the house tonight and sister from a different litter Lilly ... the girls did great without Levi who had to stay home because his owner didn't want to share her car with the dog and a boyfriend...
    Three grandbabies sleeps so sweet but big fight with one just before bedtime. Bet you can't guess which one gave me trouble. But little Miss Ella did take a shower and after I sat on her and said I wouldn't get up until she smiled, we're on good terms again. Got to love that kid.


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