Wednesday, September 28, 2011


You've got to read these three books:

If you are in the mood for a decades long love affair, THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER by Jojo Moyes

If you want to feel dark and sensual and magical, THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern

and if you want to stir up the brain juices and be a little bit creeped out while being in awe of the writing, THE END OF EVERYTHING by Megan Abbott

And if you've read any of these, I would lovelovelove to hear your thoughts! And big thanks to the amazing and effervescent Ashley Parsons for steering me in good book directions. Again. You rock!


  1. I think the last book I read has sapped my reading juices or something.... Not going to mention title but started good, writing good, pulled me into the middle... about twenty five pages from the end... I was saying don't do it ... don't make the ending boring don't you can come up with one more trilling scene... it didn't...
    I'm so ready for the next book by Michael Grant
    I've becomed a series junkie... so easy you know the characters ... no work sigh I don't want to read about a lover, or be awed but creeped out would be good. :)

  2. It's interesting that you asked about books on decades-long loves. I just came back from the library with Mary Gordon's The Love of My Youth. I know nothing about it except for the blurb. It's about two ex-lovers who meet up many years later and getting reacquainted.

    I have been interested in Night Circus since reading some good reviews. Do share your thoughts.


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