Thursday, September 22, 2011


Oh, North Dakota, how I love thee!

We are here in the land of wind and grass and good people (via Minnesota where we visited Charles Lindbergh's home and the headwaters of the Mississippi River) visiting my father, who lives in Bismarck.

This afternoon and evening I will be sharing about my adventures with Ludelphia and LEAVING GEE'S BEND to kids and adults at Bismarck Public Library. And I will probably slip in a couple of my Dakota-inspired poems like "How the Sacagawea River Got Its Name" and "After One Thousand Miles the Road Rises" (from my book THE COLOR OF LOST ROOMS).

I'll be back with a full report (and pictures!) early next week. Oh, and perhaps I'll say a few words about the excellent books I've been reading: THE LAST LETTER FROM YOUR LOVER by Jojo Moyes, THE END OF EVERYTHING by Megan Abbott, CLEOPATRA'S MOON by Vicki Alvear Schecter and THE NIGHT CIRCUS by Erin Morgenstern. Good stuff! I hope your week has brought you lots of goodness too. xo


  1. Gorgeous! I hope your talk is wonderful.

  2. Well you are having a good time... I can read it in your words. I have one very good dog when on lead and still good off. I think the jumping up thing is something you're going to have to be patience about... she just so darn glad to see ya ... she just has to let you know.
    Only not good thing is she is still trying to sneak to barn to get those chichens. She knows they are there and just don't understand why I won't let her go chase them.


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