Thursday, September 15, 2011


So it's September, and I have officially completed 11 quilts for 2011! Which means I have my 2011 Quilt A Month Challenge well in hand.

These three are all gifts for friends, each of them lap-sized cuddle quilts.

This one I've been calling the "shoe" quilt, because it uses lots of shoe pattern prints. Isn't it FUN?

I love this one because who isn't happy when they see yellow and blue? It's very old-fashioned with the 9 patch pattern, and I used an old super-soft bed sheet as backing, so it even FEELS old. Love!

And this one has a horse theme, although it is hard to tell in this picture. One of the prints is white with tiny blue horses. It's also backed in an old super-soft be sheet and feels old-fashioned and warm to me.

I've got two more tops already pieced, which will put my count to 13 for the year... one is for ME, and I'll tell you why when I can share a pic of it all quilted and everything. And the other has orange and red tones, and I am completely in love with it! It's a gift-quilt. Will share very soon.


  1. You are amazing! These are beautiful!

    And I just read this great interview about a debut verse novel, and there's a lovely quilt metaphor, so thought of you. I'm going to order this book:

  2. I finished that book I told you I was reading... Tighter... ending was a bummer. So didn't like it.
    Quilts are calling my name but they will have to wait until next week.

  3. How industrious! So proud of you, Irene. I love the idea of using old sheets as backing - new but as comfy as well-worn jeans. I'd like to cuddle up with that blue and yellow one on this cool day...


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